Arrested Attention Span


Like a lot of people, I go through indulging binges on Netflix. Most of the time it’s because I have a deadline that I’m choosing to ignore. And others, it’s because I just need to power off my brain. To veg and do nothing and let a story unfold before me. A healthier way of doing this is of course reading (which I’ve been doing much more of recently). But when your eyes are tired, you still have the warmth of the shower trapped underneath your pj’s and that work you started before dinner says in a quiet voice: “It’s okay if you start again tomorrow,” it’s hard to not comply.

I promise myself that I’ll only watch two episodes of something per day. But if I’m not careful, if I’m feeling particularly down, lazy, and overall uninterested in what I should be doing, I go overboard. I end up watching half…

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