Decline of Cinema?



In a recent interview of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, they both commented that it was difficult to get blockbuster type movies shown in theaters.

Why do you think that cinema going is declining?

As stated in the article from WordPress, cinema sales have gone down 5% in sales over the last decade.  Hardly earth-shattering, but I believe directly related to the rise of the big screen TV technology and bargain prices of these TVs.


Is the theatre business reacting too slowly to this change?

Oh, big time too slow.  Above is an ad for 70” and 60” TVs, but the 50” screens go for around $500 only.  If you take a movie ticket price of $12 vs. a $500 TV, you only need to watch 41 movies on your TV vs the cinema to break-even on the TV expense.


How can they turn this around?

Well, they have invested…

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