Netflix dives into AWS usage monitoring with Ice


There is no shortage of tools that measure and monitor Amazon Web Services (s amzn) usage and spending; check out Cloudyn, Cloudability, Newvem, CloudCheckr, Cloud Vertical  et al. And then there is also Amazon’s own Trusted Advisor. But if you want to use a tool that the biggest of the big AWS customers use, you may want to check out Netflix Ice.

Netflix just posted the tool, which provides a birds-eye view of its own cloud landscape (cloudscape?), onto its Github page, the last of a series of open-sourced Netflix goodies to go up.

Asked why Netflix went its own way with an AWS monitoring tool, Ariel Tseitlin, director of cloud solutions for Netflix responded by email to say:

“We built Ice to to give us deep insight into our cloud usage that we couldn’t find with any of Amazon’s or 3rd party offerings…

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